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Earth-199999 disambiguation Marvel Cinematic Universe.

マーベル・シネマティック・ユニバース(Marvel Cinematic Universe)は、マーベル・コミックによって出版されたコミックのキャラクターに基づいて、マーベル・スタジオが製作するシェアード・ユニバース作品。略称は「MCU」。世界で最も. Marvel Earth-616-19999.

Earth-199999 may refer to: Earth - A planet also known as Midgard, Terra, and Planet C-53., An alternative name for the Marvel Cinematic Universe. This article is a disambiguation page for Earth-199999 disambiguation The. Earth, also known as Midgard, Terra, or Planet C-53, is the third planet in the Solar system, home to the Humans, Inhumans, the Eternals, the Deviants and a number of Asgardian and Chronicom immigrants. It is one of the Nine. アース19999、マーベル・シネマティック・ユニバース、MCU、アベンジャーズ計画、アベンジャーズシリーズ、etc 色々な呼び方がありますよね。めんどくさい。 ではでは、今回はそんなマーベル・シネマティック・ユニバース(以下MCU)に. From this question, I have list of lots of Marvel Earths: How many Marvel Earths Universes are there? Earth 19999 Marvel Cinematic Universe Earth 1610 Marvel's Ultimate Universe Earth 616 M.

いよいよ発売された『スパイダーマン:スパイダーバース』ブルーレイ&DVD。本作の最大の特徴はまるでアメリカンコミックのような手書き風のCGアニメーションで制作されているというところだ. キャプテンマーベルはスーパーマンのコピー、マーベルJrとはあくまで弟分。 青コスチューム同士の合体か?単純にマーベルJrに円型シールドを装備したキャラ。 スーパー・フォー スーパーマン(DC)ファンタステックフォー(MARVEL). マーベルは2008年公開のアイアンマンを皮切りに、個々のヒーロー映画の世界を全てつなげてひとつの物語にするという試みを開始した。フェイズ1では中心となるヒーローたちのオリジンを中心に構成されていて、長い歴史のある.

Could any of the MCU beat their respective Earth 616 counterparts in a one on one battle? If they each had standard gear from their universe and the battle took place in New York City. This is NOT a universe vs universe battle. It is. SEE ALSO: Official MCU Spider-Man In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, we first meet 16 year old Peter Parker, aka the Spider-Man, fighting on his own, protecting the streets of New York City, while still making it home for dinner with. 地球上#19999 マーベルシネマアースのキャプテンアメリカの宗教は明示的には述べられていないが、彼は一神教主義者であり、おそらくキリスト教徒であると言われている。 地球上#616 キヤノンMarvel Earth#616のキャプテンアメリカは. The Apology: First, I would like to start out by apologizing for my inactivity as your moderator since the release of [Endgame]. Because of the five year jump, it threw off my plan for our first Sub Event. I will do what I can to remain.

この質問から、私はたくさんのMarvel Earthsのリストを持っています: Marvel Earths(Universses)はいくつありますか? 地球19999年(マーベル映画宇宙) アース1610(マーベルズアルティメットユニバース) アース616(メイン漫画本. Losing his wife, during a failed invasion Naruto leaves and finds himself a new world to call his own to do what he and his wife always planned and finds live along the way. He even finds love again. Harem Earth-X Naruto. Read From. Contents[show] Captain America: The First Avenger Add a photo to this gallery Marvel's The Avengers Add a photo to this gallery Captain America: The Winter Soldier Add a photo to this gallery Avengers: Age of Ultron Add a photo to.

Earth Marvel Cinematic Universe Wiki Fandom.

1: X-men などMCUアース19999以外のマーベル作品も魅力的ですが本記事ではスルーしてます 2: 【8年後問題】『スパイダーマン:ホームカミング』時系列の謎は問題なし!マーベル・スタジオ、公式タイムラインをいずれ発表予定 THE. Earth-19999 Debut Thor 2011 Vital statistics Other names Dr. Donald Blake, Donny, God fo Thunder, the Mighty Thor, point Break, Lord of Thunder, Thunder, Seductive Lord of Thunder, Seductive God of Thunder Relatives father.

Founding Avengers Marvel Earth-616-19999 Avengers 2nd formation Marvel Earth-616-19999 Add a photo to this gallery FANDOM Games Movies TV Video Wikis Explore Wikis Community Central Start a Wiki Search Sign In. I suppose it's worth wondering what significance the number 200000 has. If 199999 has any significance, there's a decent chance it's tied to that. A google search for "200000" returns a lot of links referencing the first modern humans.

La Terre-616 est souvent associée au monde de Spider-Man et de Daredevil. Mais au cours des histoires de Marvel Comics, les auteurs ont créé de nouvelles dimensions alternatives de la Terre. C'est Tom Brevoort qui redéfinit le. Steve Rogers Marvel Earth-616-19999 Captain America Marvel Earth-616-19999. Fandom Apps Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. D&D Beyond. コメントやフォローをしたい方はniconicoアカウントでログインしてください ログイン画面へ niconico会員登録. Because Marvel comics gives the various realities an assigned number. In an early issue of Captain Britain it was established that the main Marvel universe is designated with 616. They don’t always give a new universe a number, but.


Add a photo to this gallery. Fandom Apps Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. D&D Beyond. Hello there! Do you like Marvel movies, big fan of their comics? Well this is the right thread for you! No idea what the Marvel Cinematic Universe is or what the heck 19999 means after earth? Don't worry, there'll be an explanation and. 「ファンならアース616の段階で嘘だと分かる(MCUはアース19999だから)」って言説が出回ってるけど メタ認知ではMCU単位でアース19999ってだけで MCU内ではアース616とアース833がアース19999に含まれる形のマルチバースだった. Peter Jason Quill is a Celestial-human hybrid who was abducted from Earth in 1988 by the Yondu Ravager Clan, and afterwards began building a reputation as the notorious intergalactic outlaw, nicknamed Star-Lord. In 2014, he.

What that means is that it has Canon AUs, where things happen differently but are still "canon" on their own terms. Some of these AUs are large and could be relied on as their own source, and others are barely an image and a blurb. Nicholas "Nick" Joseph Fury is a world-renowned spy, former Director of S.H.I.E.L.D. and founder of the Avengers. Fury began his career within the United States Army in. The Skrulls are a technologically advanced race of reptilian humanoids from the destroyed planet Skrullos. They are notable for their shapeshifting abilities, which allow them to replicate other lifeforms seamlessly, and infiltrate planets. Earth-11584 is the official fanon designation for the alternative universe represented in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Originally conceived by Kevin Fiege and Avi Arad in 2004, the MCU has grown to become one of the most.

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